If Elvis Presley is
Who is James Brown,

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Rest In Power Amiri Baraka

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when did we replace the word “said” with “was like”

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when your teacher assigns an art project and everybody knows you’re an artist


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Danny Brown is underrated as fuck. Real shit, he doesn’t get enough love because of how he presents himself and his voice but he really has some of the nicest music out right now.

I won’t even bother with favorite songs because I truly love his projects front to back. I’d just recommend XXX & Old

But I guess a few songs would be

  • Side A
  • Float On
  • Fields
  • Pac Blood
  • XXX
  • 25 Bucks
  • Greatest Rapper Ever
  • Dope Fiend Rental

!! He opened eminem’s show at wembley, people around me wasn’t happy with the way he performed. But he is a genius, I love him. He deserves way more attention.